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HVUT 2290 Online Services
2290 Online Self-Service
Ready to roll? The user-friendly interface of provides quick form completion. Our interface guides you through the whole form 2290 e Filing process in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Sign up for free to get started.
2290 Managed e-FIle
Looking for help? Our Managed 2290 eFile option was created for the fleet owner who has a lot of trucks to file for, and little time to complete the file themself. We’ll take the whole process off your hands. Sign up, and select managed eFile Form 2290 to get started.
Form 2290 Amendments
Need to correct your form 2290? You can file your 2290 form amendment with us. You might need to do this if the gross weight of your vehicle increased, or if you had a typo on your VIN. Login to get started.
Form 2290 Credit Request
Want some money back? You can claim your credit request for a vehicle that you reported but has been sold, damaged, or stolen. Get Started with and File your Form 2290 credit request.

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2290.US is one platform form for all the HVUT Filing solutions for every trucking business.

File Form 2290 for Multiple Vehicles, Multiple EIN's

E-file Form 2290 for multiple vehicles easily. Validate and e-file for multiple EINs with our secure e-filing platform.

Plugin info by hand or using the bulk import option

Save time by importing your bulk data at once. Our powerful tax calculator will automatically populate the data in the forms appropriately.

Get your schedule 1 for less with bulk pricing

Get IRS-accepted and stamped Schedule-1 for less when you e-file for multiple vehicles. Save money when you e-file 2290 in bulk.

e-File 2290 amendments and VIN corrections easily

Ensure HVUT compliance by e-filing 2290 amendments and correcting your VINs. Our services ensure accuracy for your periodic filings.

Calculate and confirm your 2290 filing through our system

Our smart tax calculator automatically calculates the tax you owe for the selected period. Validate your 2290 data per the IRS records with us.

Download your 2290 IRS approved schedule 1 copy instantly

Download your completed 2290 forms and IRS-stamped Schedule-1 anytime and anywhere. We save a copy of your form for documentation purposes.

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