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About Us
Every customer is important to us!

Great Tax Software Requires Effort
(It doesn’t have to be complicated, though)

Before starting 2290.us, I spent a couple months traveling around the country, talking with independent drivers and trucking companies of all sizes about the things that kept them up at night.

Accurate filing and a timely stamped schedule 1 was the #1 demand on everyone's list. These folks know how to do their core business of driving and staying in compliance with federal and state law, they just needed help finding the best and most simple 2290/8849 e-filing software that is intuitive and also offers a great user experience.

So I launched 2290.us with a single goal: Make companies e-filing process easier. The response has been phenomenal. As more and more organizations have moved to 2290.us, insurmountable complicated software bottlenecks have vanished, and 2290.us has become the e-filing software of choice.

At 2290.us, we have one guideline: “Are we fixing the problem?” To answer that question, I continue to travel around the country, talking with the independent truckers, owner operators, compliances department of larger fleet owners and CEOs of companies using 2290.us. Like all good leaders, they still have things that keep them up at night. Happily, 2290/8849 is no longer one of them.

  • Retrieve and print schedule 1 in minutes
  • E-file form 2290 amendment
  • Free re-file for rejected returns
  • Responsive tax support service
  • Accu-check of form 2290
  • Bulk upload
  • Free schedule 1 by fax