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The user friendly interface of our website provides easy navigation which truly is a one click filing process. The complete filing process has been kept very simple and is easy to understand.
2290 MANAGED EFILE's MANAGED EFILE has been designed for those who have a hectic schedule and no time to e-file 2290 themselves or for those who have a very large fleet.
2290 Amendment
We provide you with the ability to e file form 2290 amended return and download schedule 1 in minutes. If the gross weight of the heavy vehicle or mileage increased from previous reported form 2290, or you have a typo on the VIN, then the tax amendment form needs to be e filed.
Credit Request services also provides you the option for credit claim on vehicles that are reported but have been sold, damaged or stolen during the remaining tax period.

Core Features

  • - Single Filing or Bulk Data Import.
  • - VIN Correction/ Mileage Increase /Weight Increase Corrections.
  • - 100% paperless, E-Sign and E-file.
  • - Responsive Web – Use any system or device and our responsive web will adjust to the device.
  • - Claim of Refund – Supports 8849, Schedule 6 processing.
  • - Single Dashboard with multiple business information.
  • - Two factor authentication.

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